During World War Two, artists created thousands of insignias for the military members to represent their individual ships, bomb groups, squadrons, battalions, units, and on and on. Disney characters were some the most popular but other figures from Warner Bros., MGM and the comic strips were certainly in high demand. It is difficult to fully appreciate how it felt for a serviceman to have his unit represented by an iconic “touch of home” character. For the generation that fought World War II, it was like mom, apple pie and Donald Duck were all fighting alongside you. This private collection of WWII Insignia Art is being shared for a limited time only so that the modern public may appreciate the work of the artists who lent their talents to inspire the “Greatest Generation.”

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When Nov 11 - Apr 15
Where Palm Springs Air Museum
745 N Gene Autry Trail
Palm Springs, CA 92262
Phone 760.778.6262

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